Medical Coding



Our experts are thorough with medical terminologies and associated codes, which helps them read and interpret medical reports to exact coding specifications.

Every completed coding task is taken through a multi-level internal audit check to spot and eliminate errors and increase specificity.

We conduct regular training to improve coder knowledge of codes, medical terminologies, medical law and ethics, HIPAA rules, etc.

Our coders pay special attention to correct modifiers, such as proper reporting of infusion and hydration codes, correct use of modifier 22, etc.

We provide our coders easy access to standard references like HAAD Coding Manual and other additional references

At Health Genic Solutions we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and we can work with you to create a bespoke solution that is specific to your requirements and products.

So why not discover how Health Genic Solutions can provide you with a total solution to all your medical coding needs?

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